Specialized Medical Equipment

“Yeah, we’re picky… the result: I have products that I would put on my own mother…”

Since the inception of Corr Medical Solutions, we have always been very selective about the product lines we would carry. While some DME companies are looking for the cheapest products and the biggest margins, Corr Medical Solutions is dedicated to great patient outcomes and loyal referring partners.

Insurance companies and physicians that direct patients to Corr Medical for DME know their patients will receive the most innovative and highest quality products currently available on the market. The result: Improved clinical outcomes.

Health insurance companies may not pay more, but their members definitely get more with Corr Medical Solutions.

Lymphedema Pumps

As an exclusive provider for LymphaPress pneumatic compression pumps, Corr Medical Solutions works hard to get patients the top-of-the-line compression products they need. Relying on our strong relationships with insurances and physicians, we are able to get most pumps covered with little or no out-of-pocket cost to patients.

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Spinal Bracing

Corr Medical Solutions provides high quality spinal bracing from Aspen for those patients with pain and support needs. Our most popular braces include the Peak Scoliosis Bracing System™, the Horizon series LSO and TLSO, and the Vista® MultiPost Therapy Collar.

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Lower Extremity Bracing

Patients needing pain relief and stability in their knees and hips deserve great bracing options. Corr Medical Solutions works with leading companies to provide high quality knee bracing such as unloaders and ligament stability bracing. For patients afflicted with arthritis of the hip, we have seen unparalleled success with the Ossur Unloader® Hip. We also meet patients’ AFO needs by offering the incredible SpryStep series from Thuane.

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ROM Devices

Corr Medical Solutions has partnered with JAS and others to provide the best in range of motion. Gone are the days of big and bulky with these lines of dynamic and SPS devices. Our SPS lines offer patients excellent improvement with minimal time commitment and our dynamic lines are ideal for neuro patients.

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For patients struggling with chronic pain, little offers more relief than prescription strength TENS and IFC units. Our devices are easy to use, digital and durable.

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For patients with herniated or bulged disc issues, physicians frequently turn to Corr Medical Solutions for both cervical and lumbar traction units.

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