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Corr Medical Solutions is all about contagious success. Corr Medical Solutions has enjoyed double digit growth every year since its inception. While many DME companies were finding themselves bankrupt and out of business, Corr Medical Solutions reached one milestone after another.

How did we do that?

Could Corr Medical Solutions bring some insights to the table for your company? For those who turn to us for business consulting, the answer is a resounding YES. Our consults have led to tremendous success stories. Isn’t it time you reached out?
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What about specific needs?

If we can’t help you with a specific need, we probably know the right people and we will be happy to connect them to you at no cost.

Corr Medical is all about Solutions. Business solutions.


Corr Medical Solutions offers a number of presentations on DME.  Chances are we have what you need.

The following topics are the most widely requested:

How to Incorporate DME into Your Practice

From start to profitability, this presentation paints the picture you need to see, getting things right, and avoiding common pitfalls

DME, the Perfect Adjunct to Physical Therapy

How to balance the essential benefits of physical therapy with the documented successful track record of DME

Medical Sales— Start Right; Be Respectful; Finish Strong

Can’t cold call? Can’t close? This presentation combines real life experience and sales wisdom of the ages to take you from A to close.

Looking for DME Growth? Opportunities are Endless

This creative session reveals so many options for capitalizing in the DME industry that attendants leave energized and optimistic.

Basics of Selling in the Medical World

For those who miss the CorrFirst™ course, this presentation is a boiled down version of the course content. It answers questions about how to start from nothing and turn that into medical sales success.

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