Starting out? Or looking to improve?

How do I break into medical sales?

We hear this question on a regular basis. Medical sales is a coveted career opportunity. The problem is that most people simply do not have the initial skills to make it past the first interview— if they should be lucky enough to get that far.

Have you had the frustration of being told you cannot get your first medical sales position without prior medical sales experience?

At Corr Medical Solutions, we have a solid answer for you. Our CorrFirstTM training courses start with the basics and lead you to a confidence in medical sales that will make you marketable in a few short weeks.

How can I get medical sales experience without medical sales experience?!

First, we begin with a skills assessment test that allows our sales experts to ascertain your natural strengths and weaknesses. Armed with that knowledge, we start you on a path toward medical sales success.

If you believe in yourself and have the drive to achieve, together we can turn that drive into a life changing opportunity. You will develop the ability to overcome obstacles and learn how to influence people in a professional manner.

Upon completion of the CorrFirstTM program, we’ll even use our network to get your name out there. For those new to the industry, CorrFirstTM can be your foot in the door.

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Already seasoned in sales?

Serious medical sales professionals are always looking to tighten their skills and sharpen their approach. For these serious sales professionals, Corr Medical Solutions offers the CorrProTM system.

When you cross the street, it’s not the cars you see that will kill you.
It’s the one you don’t see.

The CorrProTM system involves instructor evaluations that allow sales professionals to see where they stand to improve. Your clients will never tell you where your selling comes up short. They simply won’t buy from you.

While your clients may not tell you, we will and then we help you overcome the things you don’t see. Everyone has a blind spot. Our instructors will be honest and constructive in helping you refine your sales acumen.

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Looking to train the whole team?

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