“Providing medical equipment is the beginning of the relationship, not the end…”

Corr Medical Solutions offers Specialized Product Support

It’s true- Corr Medical Solutions is well known for carrying only “A list” products. However, we understand that life happens, and sometimes things go wrong.

Therefore, we offer product support on every device we dispense. Our patients’ experience is an extension of what and who we are. Therefore, we will go to the length needed to support our most valuable relationship— our patients. Whether you need assistance in operating a device, applying a brace, or simply have questions about warranties, please let us know.

Corr Medical is all about Solutions. Support solutions.


Disclaimer: Corr Medical Solutions is happy to explain equipment function, application and warranties. However, we do not engage in giving medical advice to anyone. All medical advice should be sought from a licensed and trusted clinician. Corr Medical Solutions cannot be liable for misuse of equipment or adverse reactions. For complete disclaimer see Terms Of Use.